Conrad Thompson Teases Starting Promotion With WWE Hall Of Famer

Following another round of WWE releases this week, there has been some talk about another wrestling promotion starting. Conrad Thompson has taken to social media to tease that he and Jeff Jarrett could be doing just that.

Conrad Thompson responded to several tweets today with different GIFs, all hinting that he has an interest in starting up his own wrestling promotion. These questions also involved Jeff Jarrett, with who he co-hosts the popular My World podcast.

Earlier this week Jeff Jarrett spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about the possibility of promoting again. During the interview, the WWE Hall Of Famer made it clear he is still open to that.

"I think there's much more of an opportunity, an exponential more of an opportunity... So the ability to create good high-quality compelling content has never been more readily available. Then pair that with all the talent around the world that is working consistently, then yes, the opportunity is there for me and a lot of others."

While nothing is confirmed at this time, it is clear that Conrad is at least thinking about the situation. There is currently a lot of talent available right now who are free agents following Ring Of Honor's hiatus and the multiple WWE releases this year. At the moment, there are too many wrestlers to simply fit into the existing promotions out there.

Yesterday WWE released: Hit Row, John Morrison, Tegan Nox, Jaxson Ryker, and Drake Maverick.

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