Darby Allin Reveals Plans For Upcoming Skateboarding Collaboration

Former AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin was recently on the latest edition of Insight with Chris Van Vliet. Throughout his pro wrestling career, Allin has kept to his own path and has been open about not wanting to change who he is. Allin talked about what his mindset is behind that philosophy.


"Yeah it was always the plan. For me, to do things on my terms and to get as far as possible on my terms, because money is good but dignity is better," Allin explained. "I feel that I have kept my whole dignity intact on my road to success in AEW, which is amazing, but yeah, this is what I dreamed of, having a ring in my basement and a skate ramp. I have lots of crazy sh*t here. I just bring my friends here, and we just do crazy sh*t."

Allin also had dreams of being a pro skateboarder and has developed a friendship with Tony Hawk. Allin revealed how AEW feels about him still skateboarding.

"They know that I am filming a new skate video right now, and I am about done with it," Allin said. "I'm actually coming out with a Darby Allin collaboration with Deathwish Skateboards. I have their logo tattooed on my cheek. So they are coming out with the Darby Allin skateboard, and I wanted to put a video out for it, so they know, and I know my own limits. AEW is my top priority, and I can't show up to there with a broken hip."


Allin has suffered various injuries through skateboarding and pro wrestling. In AEW, Allin suffered a shoulder injury after being thrown off a flight of stairs, and he has been sent to the hospital after taking a Judas Effect to the head. Allin revealed where his worst injury has come from.

"Skateboarding, by far. It's kind of a crazy story," Allin stated. "I was going down this big hill, and I hit a crack at the bottom, my elbow went into my ribs. I thought I broke my ribs, then my kneecap smashed into the wall. I was laying there, and I thought I had broke everything. I was laying on the ground, and then I see I am laying in a red ant hill. It just got worse and worse. I thought I broke my wrist, and I had to wrestle next week. It was f*cked up. I was contemplating going to the hospital for three hours. I was like, if I cough up blood, then I will go, but I didn't, so I didn't go."