Drew McIntyre Praises Recent Match From WWE UK Tour

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Busted Open Radio. He revealed that his sword has to travel on a private plane when going to shows.

"To be fair, the sword actually gets its own private plane, it's getting a bit of an ego these days," McIntyre admitted. "I can't get it through TSA so it had to get its own plane. It's always talking about how things aren't high-class enough for it. We've got a bunch of heat right now between me and the sword."

Drew McIntyre then discussed the recent WWE UK tour that took place. He admitted that he wishes he could have been WWE Champion, but it allowed for important family time.

"I wish I was able to take the title in front of any fans, but especially my fans back home," he admitted. "But that will come, it's just going to take some time. But it was so great to get back home and hear the fans in the UK again and hear the passion. They've just got louder, and they were extremely loud, to begin with.

"But more important, to see my family for the first time in over two years," he said. "We started the tour in Manchester and then we went to London, Cardiff and finished in Glasgow. So, my family was there, my wife flew in for the show, myself and Jinder main evented in a street fight and we had a lot of fun after at Corbin's expense so it was a cool end to the tour."

During the tour, WWE booked WALTER vs. Cesaro on several dates. McIntyre admitted that they were able to have awesome matches.

"It was freaking awesome," McIntyre stated. "I mean, WALTER came and asked me after the first match, 'just any thoughts?' I told him exactly what it was. It's a very simple story, two men that look like men, very physical, very logical. Anybody can go in there and get it. Dads are going in there with their families, perhaps not current fans of the product are going to watch like that and talk about it the next day."

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