Bray Wyatt Mask Creator Discusses “The Triple H Test” For WWE Props

SFX artist, Jason Baker, recently spoke with Gimme A Hull Yeah! about working with WWE. Baker, who is known for creating Bray Wyatt's Fiend mask and Triple H's crowns, discussed how it is important for their masks and props to be durable within the wrestling world. Baker also revealed that Triple H often used to break the different crowns that they made for him.

"Something like with doing something for Bray, obviously we need it to be a lot more durable so we make them a little stronger. We call it the Triple H test," he revealed. "So what we will do is we will take something and throw it across the room. If it survives, then it's probably good enough for WWE because Triple H used to break everything we made for him, like all the crowns and stuff. So if it can survive that, we will kick it and it's like, 'okay, it held up, it's probably pretty good.'"

Baker then spoke about the creative process behind making things for the company. Admitting that it always depends on what people have in mind, whether that's a movie script or a WWE character, but he says they do tweak things at times.

"It's what people have in mind," he said. "The script had a particular description and we kind of evolved it from there. It's sort of the same process with Bray. They have an idea, we kind of tweak it, work with it, figure it out and we go from there and then come up with the final design. Then we start to sculpt it, it's a whole process."

Baker then revealed that he has enjoyed collecting the action figures of things he has made, like Bray Wyatt's mask. Stating that they take up a wall of his office now and act as a reminder.

"I've always been a huge action figure collector, so it's funny I will be walking through a Target and I'll be like, 'oh wait, I made that. So, now I have to get it,'" he revealed. "In my office at this studio I have all the action figures that we've ever made on the wall, so that's always a good reminder too, it's pretty cool."

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