Insight On How Much Creative Freedom WWE Gave Bray Wyatt

Jason Baker recently spoke with Gimme A Hull Yeah! where he discussed his work with WWE and Bray Wyatt. Jason is an SFX makeup artist who has created props and masks for various movies, artists, and wrestlers. He worked heavily with Bray Wyatt during his run with the company and revealed WWE gave them creative freedom.

"I will say this, WWE did give Bray and I a lot of creative freedom," he admitted. "But also, a lot of times, everything had to get approved. There was little tweaks and changes and things like that and at the end of the day, whoever is splitting the bill is the one who gets the say."

Jason then went on to talk about the number one priority when it comes to making masks for WWE, like The Fiend one for Bray Wyatt. Making it clear that the main focus above anything else is on safety and making sure that the WWE Superstars can see what they're doing.

"If we are working for WWE and we are creating a mask for them, it's like safety first. The big thing we always have to do is make sure that it's comfortable, it's durable and they can see out of it," Baker said. "If they can't see, they're not going to know, they could potentially miss a move or potentially do something and it could end very, very badly. Either hurting themselves or hurting someone else or possibly even worse. Those guys are professionals at what they do and they do some very high-risk maneuvers. I would hate to be that person that was like, 'oh yeah, I couldn't see what I was doing and now I'm paralyzed because you guys didn't do your jobs right.'"

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