Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about Tony Khan taking full control of AEW’s booking. He admitted that he was happy to hear that the AEW President has made that decision.

“You know, hats off to all five of them, the four EVPs and Tony. Just because, to my knowledge, all of those guys had only been talent,” Jeff Jarrett said. “When you step into an office role, and executive role, I was lucky and blessed that I grew up the son of a promoter. So I got to sort of see both sides from a very early age. It ain’t easy, it is not easy at all.

“Like you just said, the political landmines, and there’s a lot of pressure. The thing that I hope at the end of the day, they’re all four young guys. They take the in-ring product, their character, their presentation is the utmost importance, that’s what got them to the dance,” he claimed. “That’s a slippery slope for all of those guys. It’s very hard. This business creatively, especially is subjective. There are a lot of ways to do it right and a lot of ways to do it wrong. So I am glad to hear there was a turn in Tony’s management style, that he sort of took the reins.”

Jeff Jarrett then pointed out how everything stops with Vince McMahon in WWE. He noted that having just one person in charge makes things easier for everybody.

“Vince McMahon, the buck stops with him. It eliminates so many different discussions. You look at the WCW times, you can say ‘here’s the head writer’. Whether it’s Russo or Kevin Sullivan, but hold on, this guy’s got creative control, wait this guy’s got creative control. So then all of a sudden, you’ve got five cooks in the kitchen. It’s very, very difficult,” Jarrett admitted. “So I’m glad to hear that Tony, not that he wasn’t always the boss, but that he’s asserted himself and said, ‘hey guys, I’m running the show my way or the highway.’ This business sticks like that. One decisive leader makes everybody’s job that much easier and that much more productive.”

Jeff Jarrett also spoke about how no executive can get everything right.

“No promoter, no executive is going to make all the right decisions. His father is obviously a very smart man. So being in business and looking at sound, fundamental business acumen if you will, there goes a lot with that. Again, when I look back, and we do this all the time on My World,” he stated.”When I all of a sudden look at my career from Texas or Puerto Rico in the early formative years and then the territories and then me going and working for Vince McMahon in ’93 during that time. I got the opportunity to really look at different things and like, ‘I like that, I don’t like that,’ form your own opinion.

“Here’s the real upside is, every TV that’s produced or every PPV that’s produced, not just Tony, but everybody in that organization is going to learn,” Jeff Jarrett said. “So hypothetically, it should get better and better and better. So hats off to them.”

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