Jeff Jarrett appeared on Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about AEW signing Jay Lethal. He said that he couldn’t be happier for him as he discussed the talent that Lethal will bring to the table.

“As the proverbial saying goes, when one door closes another one opens and I could not be happier for my man, Jay Lethal I could not be happier. He is one of the guys that I would be asked, ‘who is out there on the Ring Of Honor roster?’ Or really just out there. But Jay always re-upped with those guys and he had a sense of loyalty, so hats off to him,” Jeff Jarrett said.

“But I believe, and my track record speaks for itself when I was part of a decision-making team, Jay has unbelievable talent,” he claimed. “He’s diverse, he can not just get it done in the ring, he can tell a story in the ring so many different ways, but he can talk. His impersonations are hilarious but they’re compelling. But that just shows sort of the range, like a singer. Jay can do a lot of things, and he can do a lot of things well. So I could not be happier for him.”

Jarrett then spoke about the recent decision for Ring Of Honor to go on hiatus. He discussed how it could be a Sinclair decision, but noted that he doesn’t like to see it happen.

“There’s only one thing for certain in life and that’s change. I don’t know the ins and outs or the corporate battles of what Joe faces. When you look back, WCW getting canceled, was that specifically a wrestling decision? I don’t know about that one,” he said. “Here’s a better one, had UFC not left Fox, would WWE be on Fox Network on Friday nights on SmackDown? I don’t know. It’s definitely a question to ponder. Joe’s challenges, again I am on the way outside looking in, they bought all the sports networks, so it’s a Sinclair decision. I hate to see it.”

Another wrestler who made his mark in Ring Of Honor is Danhausen. Jarrett spoke about the popular wrestler, making it clear he is a fan of him.

“I love him. A unique talent. It’s not a guarantee if you’re unique that you’re going to be successful, but in his case, you’re talking about him and I think that says a lot,” Jarrett claimed. “You asked me, out of everybody out there right now, you asked me about him. I think the proof is in the pudding. I love him, he’s a unique talent, a unique skill set, he’s going places.”

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