The IInspiration recently spoke with Wrestling Daily, where Jessie McKay specifically spoke about The Rock. The People’s Champion is someone of who McKay is known for being a fan. She spoke about her favorite match of his, and how she prefers moments to moves.

“To me, I’ll be honest, I could give you a top five promos like that. Because that’s what I really resonated with him,” McKay said. “But I always say WrestleMania 19 against Stone Cold because he got the win! He put him over. When you put Stone Cold and The Rock in the ring though, that magic is going to happen. ‘Mania 19 was their third match and that was like a big send-off. I’m all about moments.

“A good headlock takeover or a good suplex, cool. I’m all about those moments,” she admitted. “I want to feel a certain way and The Rock made me feel a certain way. He made me feel a lot of ways, but he made me feel a certain way every time I watched him. So I resonate towards that.”

Jessie McKay continued and went on to talk about when she got the chance to meet The Rock. She revealed the advice that he gave her, which she believes they have put into practice when joining Impact Wrestling.

“We did meet. I was so nervous, I got my picture and everything. We had a good chat, a good chant indeed. We’ve had small snippets every now and then since that moment. It’s just insane,” McKay said. “Like for me, that point just like, ‘Huh?’ All of my work came to that moment, so it’s something that I hold very special. The one thing that he said was, ‘Just keep going,’ and I feel like that’s what Cass and I have done. We’ve reinvented ourselves, we’re at Impact Wrestling, we’re the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, you bet your ass that we’re going to keep going.