During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross gave another update on the skin cancer he’s been dealing with and what the next step will be for removing it. Previously, Ross indicated that he doesn’t want to take any time off from AEW but that this condition could remove him from the commentary desk. The AEW Commentator said he has an appointment coming Monday but will be ready to work this Wednesday in Chicago for AEW’s Thanksgiving edition of Dynamite.

“Next week’s going to be a touch and go week for me, on Monday morning I’m supposed to get two cancer spots cut out of my back,” Ross said. “They say it’s only a few stitches but I’ve got to get ready to get on an airplane and they say it’s going to be bandaged. I can’t scratch them, I can’t touch them. Then after that on Monday, I have to go to my oncologist and they make me a boot. And the boot is what you slip on so the radiation machine has a target. I don’t know if it attaches or whatever, but it’s there to not give you any more radiation than you need and only on the spot that isn’t infected. I plan on going to Chicago, and on Wednesday, we’re going to kick ass.”

AEW President Tony Khan revealed via Twitter that former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley would be entering an Alcohol Treatment Program that would keep him off television for a while. Jim Ross spoke about how courageous he believes that’s made Moxley and compared it to the situation with WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, whose death happened 16 years prior to the date of this past weekend’s AEW Full Gear.

“I admire Jon Moxley for what he’s done,” Jim Ross said. “The courage it takes to stand in front of your peers, your world, the fans, your family, your wife, friends, everybody is extraordinary. I’ll always have amazing respect for Jon Moxley and we all should. Eddie didn’t want to go that route, but in today’s world, he probably would’ve because it’s more accepted. Then, it was a sign of weakness. We made the only decision that we could make because he didn’t want to change. I told him, ‘As long as you don’t want to change, we’re not going to be able to use you.’

“The things he did required finite execution and it was very easy for Eddie to get hurt or hurt somebody because he’s just a little bit off. He wasn’t a mat wrestler, but all that high-flying stuff he did, he could’ve either hurt himself or hurt his opponent. I love Eddie, I still love Eddie. Ironically, the anniversary of Eddie’s death in Minneapolis was this past Saturday when we were in town. It was brought to my attention that he died in the Mariott, one block away from where we stayed. I know it was made specifically that we are not to stay at the Mariott because it would’ve been a hard pill for people to swallow. We made sure that Mariott was not in the picture.”

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