Jimmy Korderas Thinks WWE May Be Turning Top Star Babyface

Veteran WWE referee Jimmy Korderas appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently where he spoke about Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The former WWE official touched on Becky's post-Survivor Series promo and the emotions she shared.

"That's how it felt. That promo at the end afterward felt so genuine and you felt the emotion coming out of Becky. That's what makes me question, where they go moving forward with this," Korderas stated. "Is this WWE saying, 'listen, the fans are not going to accept Becky as a heel, regardless of what she does they're going to cheer her'? So let her go back to being the loved superstar that she was before. So maybe this is transitioning her back to the babyface role. The fans, let's face it, they want a babyface, Becky. That's the feeling I got from her because I felt sorry for her. Listening to her to talk about Charlotte and the betrayal and the backstabbing and whatever it was that went on. The babyfaces are the ones that gain sympathy, not the heels."

During the build to the match, things got personal between the two women, with Ric Flair even getting involved. Jimmy Korderas gave his thoughts on the shots they took in interviews outside of the WWE bubble.

"I liked it, it made me invest in the match," Korderas said. "Not that I wasn't already. But hearing all of these little jabs that they were taking at each other in interviews and stuff like that, I went, 'ooh.' Again, your questioning, the suspension of disbelief. Is there real animosity here? Are they doing a great job of working everybody? Including those who think they know? I was very much anticipating this match and I thought the build-up to it outside of WWE television was great. It made me want to see this match that much more and I thought the women delivered big time."

Jimmy Korderas also spoke about the finish of the match. He admitted he enjoyed it, but had one gripe about how it went down.

"A lot of people were asking me about the finish and what I thought to the finish of the match. I thought it was fine, it worked," Korderas admitted. "When Charlotte rolled up Becky, see little things that matter, grabbed that middle rope to get that leverage the referee caught her. Then Becky reversed it, rolled up Charlotte, and when the referee got in the position to count, she grabbed the bottom rope and hid it from both of them to get the 1,2,3. People are saying, 'well, that's a heel move.' No, it's basically, 'you tried to one-up me, but guess what, I outsmarted you and the referee at the same time.'

"My only issue is, commentary should have helped tell that story," he said. "Instead of saying, 'oh the referee was out of position and didn't see it.' No. Now you're putting the heat and the onus on the referee as opposed to putting over Becky for outsmarting both of them."

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