A newly released clip has been released for the upcoming series WWE legend John Cena is starring in, Peacemaker. The show, a spin-off from the film The Suicide Squad that premiered earlier this year, will follow the DC Comics character after the events of the previous story.

The trailer first debuted at the website peacemakeriscoming.com and advertises a full trailer for the HBO Max series premiering this Friday, December 3.

In the clip, we see Cena as the title character wearing a hospital gown, telling a man mopping the floors of the hospital that he is now allowed to leave the facility.

“Truth is, I’m supposed to be in prison,” Peacemaker says.

“For what?” the janitor asks.

“Superhero sh*t,” he responds.

“You’re kind of bulky to be a superhero, right? Most superheroes have a gymnast body, they’re ready to go.”

“I’m ready to go!” Cena exclaims.

“What superhero are you?” questions the janitor.


“Get out of here, motherf**er! There’s no superhero called Peacemaker,” the Janitor replies.

“Dude, I’m f**ing famous,” John Cena says as his expression becomes worrisome.

“Not that famous. Aquaman, he’s famous.”

“F*ck Aquaman!” Peacemaker yells.

The character then goes on to say that he was put in prison because his integrity forces him to kill whoever is necessary to obtain peace. This aligns with his motives in The Suicide Squad, as Peacemaker was willing to kill his fellow squad members in an effort to cover up the U.S.’s involvement in potentially dangerous experiments.

John Cena is set to star in numerous films in the coming years, including one titled Snafu alongside star, Jackie Chan, a film titled Argylle, directed by Matthew Vaughn, and he will star in a movie titled Freelance by the director of the film Taken.

The former WWE star has seen success in Hollywood for almost a decade now, with his most recent release, Vacation Friends, becoming the most-watched original movie during it’s opening weekend on the Hulu streaming platform.

You can see the full clip in the Tweet below:

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