Katie Forbes Comments On Possibly Signing With WWE

Katie Forbes recently spoke with XeniaDidThat where she discussed her desire to join WWE. She admitted that it is her goal, but also noted there is a worry she is too inappropriate for the company.

"Yes, that's what I want to do. I do," she stressed. "On Impact Wrestling I had the highest amount of views out of everybody on YouTube. So I was like, 'Katie equals clicks.' But I might be a little too inappropriate for WWE right now. That's what I am scared of. But I don't know, I'm scandalous, that's just me."

Katie Forbes also spoke about the lack of long-term storytelling in WWE compared to AEW. She stated it is hard for fans to get attached due to the regular releases.

"I've heard that in AEW that they have longer storylines so that the fans can get more involved in it. WWE seems like it's at a changing point right now the way they are doing so many layoffs. It's hard for the fans to even get attached to a storyline or get attached to a character," Forbes said. "Because their favorite is doing good and then getting squashed or they're doing good and then getting released all of a sudden. They're like, 'damn, I can't even get invested in these people,' because the turnaround is so quick.

Katie stated that she and RVD have questioned if talent can become legends today.

"Me and Rob were talking about that. It's going to be hard for the generation now to become legends like him, have a Hall Of Fame career. People like Braun Strowman, didn't he main event WrestleMania? He had a big push," she noted. "Then getting released after that, then Rob is like, 'wonder if that would qualify a Hall Of Fame career?' Because Rob was on for so long but he didn't have the push like that. Back in the day, we had legends because we would see the same people over and over. But now they push to the moon and gone."

If you use any quotes from this article please credit XeniaDidThat, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.