Keith Lee has shot down the notion that he’s “bitter” following his release from WWE.

As we’ve noted, Lee confirmed that he’s set to change his in-ring attire in his post-WWE career, tweeting a photo from his final appearance in WWE.

Final moments….RIP to that singlet. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds.

A fan who responded to Lee felt that the former NXT Champion sounds “bitter” after being dropped by the No. 1 pro wrestling organization in the world.

In his response, Lee wrote:

Lol…this makes me laugh. It is quite clear that you are either intentionally ignorant, or just simply an imbecile.

I am far from bitter. I am grateful. And nothing in this tweet says anything bitter. It merely says bye to a singlet and looks toward the future.

Look inward.

Lee wrestled without a singlet for most of his career, including his days in the NXT. However, his in-ring attire was changed on the main roster because Vince McMahon reportedly wanted to change up Lee’s look.

Lee was among the 18 Superstars released by WWE earlier this month. He is presently serving his 90-day non-compete clause.