MLW Announces Open Door policy For Free Agents

MLW has announced a new open door policy for free agents.

It was announced today that MLW will install the new open door policy to deliver dream matches against MLW's top contracted competitors. The policy will commence in December.


MLW noted in their announcement, "Recognizing an unprecedented free agency market, MLW will open its doors to all who think they have what it takes to be major league and take on MLW's greatest grapplers and champions. While the majority of MLW's roster features contracted competitors, a percentage of each card will now feature free agents, ensuring exciting and unpredictable matchups."

It was noted that with a wave of new, exciting free agents unexpectedly finding a need for pro wrestling work as of late, MLW's new policy will usher in an era where their contracted wrestlers will face the most in-demand freelancers.

MLW Matchmaker Cesar Duran added, "Why allow your career to be at the mercy of the whims of a billionaire? I've always welcomed the hottest free agents to my arena. An open door policy gives MLW fans exciting dream matches against MLW's best! ... Whether they fight one night or 10 years in MLW, the open door policy will showcase and give exposure to a wide variety of talent and create the best cards for fans while creating.... opportunities. Who will step forth? Let's find out!"


The current MLW World Heavyweight Champion is Alexander Hammerstone, while Alex Kane holds the MLW National Openweight Title, Tajiri is the current MLW World Middleweight Champion, and 5150's Danny Rivera and Slice Boogie hold the MLW World Tag Team Titles. The MLW Women's Featherweight Title is set to be introduced soon. MLW also has the MLW/IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Title, currently held by King Muertes.

The MLW roster also includes names like Jacob Fatu, Davey Richards, TJP, The Von Erichs, nZo, Myron Reed, Richard Holliday, Calvin Tankman, Alex Shelley, King Mo, Los Parks, EJ Nduka, Savio Vega, Homicide, and The Blue Meanie, among others.

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