Nick Khan Says Vince McMahon Netflix Doc Scenes "Are Out Of This World"

Last October it was revealed WWE had signed a "groundbreaking new deal" with Netflix for a documentary on Vince McMahon's life.

According to WWE President Nick Khan it is one of the highest-budgeted documentaries in Netflix history. The doc is being produced by WWE Studios and Bill Simmons.


During this week's WWE Q3 earnings call, Khan gave an update on Vince's doc:

"We have seen early cuts of our upcoming Vince McMahon multipart Netflix documentary, which is executive produced by WWE and Bill Simmons, who did the acclaimed Andre the Giant documentary with us," Khan said. "The Vince cuts are out of this world, amazing. Wait until you see it."

As noted, it will be split into four episodes. Still no word yet on a release date.

This Vince documentary is not the same biopic that was first revealed back in 2017. That project was apparently nixed. Titled "Pandemonium," the movie was expected to star Bradley Cooper as Vince. Tristar Pictures was to release the movie.