Reggie was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling where he spoke about those who have helped him behind the scenes at WWE.

“Off the bat, Matt Bloom is a huge person, supporter, because he is the one that gave me the opportunity. As far as in-ring talent, I have my boy, EJ Nduka just being my road dog throughout the whole pandemic. Getting better, preaching what we wanted, and making it happen. Ricochet has been like a brother to me as well. Huge inspiration, huge mentor. Most definitely dream match. We had a minute and a half of in-ring competition and it was taken away from us so quickly. But those two guys have been big supports, huge guys for me.”

For the most part, the 24/7 Championship has been used for chase scenes and backstage comedy segments. However, Reggie admitted he would like to have more matches with it on the line.

“I would love to have legitimate matches with it,” he admitted. “All the rules are suspended once the match happens, I think that’s great. It gives me time in the ring, but also, I think the sky is the limit with this title. This title can legit live outside of the WWE Universe and it still holds all of its prestige.

Reggie also spoke about other ideas that he would like to do with the 24/7 Championship, revealing an idea for having a cartoon that involves the title.

“I want to defend it in the ring. I also want to take this to different levels,” Reggie admitted. “Like you said, the Coyote – Roadrunner, that’s exactly what it is right now. How cool would that be to have a WWE cartoon, 24/7 thing? That’s incredible, right? It gives little kids something to watch as well on the cartoon section. So I think this can go so many places.”

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