Ric Flair responded to the reaction he received about a recent post made involving AEW and CM Punk.

Yesterday, Flair told AEW if they were looking for a big TV rating that he and CM Punk should get some microphone time together.

“Never forget this moment. We can make history again, brother!” Ric Flair wrote. “If you want a rating, let us talk for ten minutes! @AEW @CMPunk”

After tagging both AEW and Punk in the tweet, some fans felt like Flair was angling for a job with the company.

Earlier today, Ric Flair said he was just having fun and wasn’t looking to sign with AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer also noted he didn’t leave WWE because of Vince McMahon.

“Just having fun and sharing memories does not imply I was looking for a job!” Ric Flair wrote. “I left one great company & it wasn’t because of Vince McMahon! And I’m not going to work for another great one, and it’s not because of Tony Khan! It’s as simple as that.”

Back in August, there were reports of Flair potentially heading to AEW. In an interview around that time, Flair shot down the rumors.

“I can also tell ya, people started rumors — I’m not going to get into it; no need for that — ‘Oh, he’s going to AEW. He and Tony Khan are friends.’ Yeah, we are friends. But I haven’t heard a word from Tony,” Flair said. “If he asks ya, tell him I’m around [chuckles].”