On this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Samuray Del Sol (fka WWE’s Kalisto) and Aerostar made their AEW debuts by taking on AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR.

Afterwards on Twitter, Samuray noted talking to Brodie Lee before his match, spelling his real name “John” instead of “Jon.”

“Prayed and talked to John (Brodie Lee) before my match. Thank you for showing me your home @AEW and giving me the strength and energy I need it today. forever your in my heart Hermano.”

This got Chris Jericho to respond, “You spelled his name wrong,” which also got the support of Lee’s wife, Amanda Huber.

On the latest Bryan and Vinny Show, Bryan Alvarez reported Jericho’s response was due to the tweet causing Amanda to be “very, very upset.” Apparently, “a lot” of other people were bothered by it, too.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported Amanda was mad because Samuray wasn’t a friend of her husband and was name dropping him. She also noted they hadn’t heard a word from Samuray during these last few years.

It was brought up that Miro had misspelled “Brody” in the past, but Amanda listed off reasons why that wasn’t an issue. “Brodie” and “Brody” were stage names, not his real name. Miro spoke to Amanda almost daily when Lee was sick and had cried with her in the past. Also, Miro “checked on her and her kids continuously.”