The IInspiration recently spoke with the Wrestling Daily show about their future. Jessie McKay admitted that she doesn’t have a five-year plan right now, pointing out that she is focusing on the moment.

“To be honest, I haven’t been thinking five years ahead, I’ve been thinking of right now. We put all of our time, energy, effort into like right now, and to performing and to delivering what we want to do. So, to be honest, I don’t know,” McKay admitted. “But what I do know is, Cassie will be by my side in whatever we do and wherever we go in the next five years. Whatever happens, I know she’ll be by my side. The one thing that we can count on is that we will be together.”

Cassie Lee then gave her side of the conversation. She stated that they did have a five-year plan, but after their WWE release, The IInspiration has placed its focus on rebranding.

“I feel like we had a solid five-year plan and then that kind of got waylaid when you know what happened. We had to put a hold on the five-year plan and put all of the energy into rebranding and restarting. I absolutely love that we had that opportunity, there was a silver lining to it,” Lee stated. “I’m actually really thankful that it happened.

“It was really tough, but I’ve never been happier. I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my career than I do right now. Just having complete control of our brands and who we are and what we want to present,” she said. “That is my favorite thing because it’s everything you see on TV, it’s all Jess and my decisions and it’s what we truly believe in.”

Cassie also discussed the music video that they shot recently. She admitted that it was a bucket list moment for them to tick off.

“It was so much fun, it was like a bucket list thing to tick off. It was so cool, it was a full day shoot, I think it was like 10 hours or something, non-stop. But it was so much fun,” Lee said. “We had some incredible back up dancers too. Just, the whole team on it was top tier, everyone was so amazing and everyone was just passionate about the project which I just think made the whole thing come out way better than we had expected. It was a long day, but it was awesome.”

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