The Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, joined Mack Mania, part of The Ringer Wrestling Show, to promote WWE’s upcoming Survivor Series event. In keeping with that theme, the Street Profits were asked to name their dream Survivor Series teams. Both members included themselves and three WWE legends in their picks.

“Roman, Cena and The Rock,” Ford said. “No one’s beating that team.”

“I’ve got Stone Cold, Rock and you know what? I gotta go to Undertaker,” Dawkins said.

The Street Profits are not scheduled to be part of Survivor Series this year, but will be watching the event closely. The hosts Evan Mack and Flobo asked the Street Profits watch match they were looking forward to the most on this year’s card.

“We definitely want to see the tag team match,” Ford said. “Last year we actually was in the tag team match against The New Day, in which we came out victorious. So I know those spots of letting the world know who is the cream of the crop when it comes to tag teams, especially with who’s the champions at the time. That’s a very high profile match. I know for us, for me specifically, I’m definitely looking forward to that match.

“Also, of course, the Universal Title and the WWE Championship match between Big E and Roman Reigns. So it’s definitely going to be those two matches. Obviously the women’s traditional elimination match. Bianca’s involved in that match as well. And then the men’s traditional match as well. Just the whole card in general. But definitely the tag team match.”

Ford’s wife, former WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, will be part of the show as a member of the RAW Survivor Series team. Ford was asked about Belair’s hobby of designing gear and whether she has ideas to expand into the world of fashion.

“Most definitely,” Ford said. “She’s very into wardrobe design, costume design. I remember, we and the kids went to go see Cruella. And in that movie, obviously, she’s this big fashion designer. And I remember how inspired she (Bianca) was by that movie. But she’s been like that for as long as I’ve known her. And she definitely wants to take it and turn it into what they did in the movie, and eventually come out with her own customized designer clothes and line.

“She’s already made, for gear, she’s got tons of gear she hasn’t worn yet. She’s actually made me some stuff that I haven’t worn yet, like pants and suits and different stuff. I’ve got my own personal tailor. It’s great man, it’s dope. She definitely wants to expand and eventually do something where she’s doing some Louis Vuitton and Gucci type. I think she’s already on that level when she crafts it herself. She sees something or she has an image in her head, and she goes and makes it happen. It’s a gift man.”

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