Tommaso Ciampa Has No Interest In WWE NXT Title Program With Johnny Gargano

Tommaso Ciampa was recently part of WWE's U.K. tour, where he spoke with Planeta Wrestling. Ciampa was asked about the possibility of defending his NXT Championship against his former DIY tag team partner and long-time rival, Johnny Gargano.


"No. Like right now? No," Ciampa claimed. "He's not on the top of my list, I like keeping my title, 'stay away from me,' he can go and get the North American Title."

Ciampa was brought across to the U.K. to be part of the live tour, which was primarily made up of main roster talents. He spoke about the excitement of being back overseas and working in front of those crowds again.

"I am super excited for it," he admitted. "I am excited for live U.K. crowds again, I haven't been here in three years, maybe more, and I haven't been in front of a live crowd outside the Performance Center for 20 months, a long time, so I am very excited about it."

Recently, NXT has undergone a lot of changes, with the launch of WWE NXT 2.0, and Ciampa has been at the forefront of that as the NXT Champion. When asked about his thoughts on the new show, he admitted that it is an exciting time, seeing wrestlers in a sink or swim environment.


"It's super exciting, it's great. I mean, watching guys who have been put on a fast track, sink or swim and a lot of obstacles for them to overcome and it's cool to watch that and be a part of that," Ciampa said. "Seeing guys like Bron just take off right away, there's a lot of people who have been working really hard, you know in front of nobody for a long time, so it's exciting to see them get this opportunity."

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