Earlier this month, WWE released another eight talents in a string of over 80 releases that have taken place in 2021. Xavier Woods happened to catch the news while G4 was returning live.

As seen in the clip below, Xavier Woods looked at his phone and had to hop off the set for a moment to connect with a friend. Once the show started, he returned and was asked if he wanted to talk about what was up.

“I probably shouldn’t, no, let’s do this,” Woods said.

Over WWE Survivor Series weekend, Ariel Helwani spoke with Xavier Woods about what it was like for him to find on at that time.

“Yeah, it sucks, dude,” Woods said. “It sucks because those people are my friends, and some of those guys didn’t even get a chance to have a match on TV, you know? So, it always sucks hearing that news and I saw that floating around, too. Someone sent it to me and I legit, I just needed to take a second.

“Because I knew like we still had an hour left of the live stream, and that is my job, I have to do my job, but I also had to check on my friends and make sure people are okay. I’m not trying to sound like ‘me, me,’ like, no. It’s just — obviously, it happens, it’s a job it happens everywhere, but that doesn’t make it suck any less when you’re not working with your friends anymore.”

After winning this year’s King of the Ring, King Woods says his next goal in WWE is to have a “nasty and gritty” match against Cesaro at WrestleMania.

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