Adam Cole “Would Really Love To See” Former WWE NXT Star In AEW

AEW star Adam Cole stopped by Throwing Down w/Renee & Miesha to talk some wrestling, including his girlfriend, AEW Women's World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD. One thing Adam Cole has been really impressed with is watching Baker's journey thus far, and how much she's improved in just a few years.

"I'm so glad that you brought up Britt because it has been such a joy to watch her turn into what she's turned into," Cole said. "Because I remember, and again, she's still very new in her wrestling career. I say new and she's almost been wrestling for six years now but still, I've been doing it for almost fourteen and I still feel like a rookie in a lot of ways.

"She's just grown so much and developed and found her own character and had like, so many memorable matches, so many memorable moments. It's been really cool to kind of watch her develop, especially watching her early on as a babyface, and then really finding herself as a heel. She does it so well. So that whole process has been really, really cool and really fun to watch. That's very memorable to me."

Adam Cole was also asked who he would like to see join AEW from a currently crowded free-agent market. He named one of his favorite opponents from his days in WWE NXT as someone who he believes would fit in well with AEW.

"I will always mention Johnny Gargano as one of my favorite opponents of all time," Cole said. "Me and him had a series of matches in NXT that to this day I'm incredibly proud of. Another fantastic human being across the board as well. Johnny is a guy that I would really love to see in AEW for sure. Again, who knows as the wrestling landscape continues to change.

"Me and Johnny chat moreso just about real life stuff. I haven't pressed him too hard on what he wants to do. I know he has a baby on the way, which is really exciting. So right now he's super focused on that, which is cool. But yeah. I love Johnny to death and I think it be amazing if he ended up in AEW. I think that be really cool."

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