Photo: Released WWE Superstar Changes Up Their Look

Former WWE Superstar Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman), has shaken up his look recently. He shared an image on Instagram of a recent meet and greet he was involved in. During that, he took a photo with a small Alligator dressed like the character from Disney+'s Loki.


However, most notably, this image showcased a brand new look for Adam Scherr, because he now has a blonde beard. The former Universal Champion has kept the same look in terms of shaving his head, but it is a new color for his facial hair.

He wrote:

"You just never know who's gonna come meet ya!!!!! Pretty dope to sign an autograph for an #Alligator"

AEW star Malakai Black responded to the photo saying, "Phenomenal!!!"

Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley (aka Dean Muhtadi) also chimed in, "We're not gonna mention the beard?!?!?"

Adam Scherr was released from WWE on June 2, 2021. The reason cited at the time was budget cuts. Recently, Scherr spoke with the  Control Your Narrative podcast about his frustrations with WWE from his time with the company.


"When I started hating myself and realizing I wasn't happy [is when I knew I needed to leave WWE]," Strowman explained. "And a lot of it boils down to just what I mentioned earlier about having to be on all the time, and the criticism from the f**king fans. And it's not even the fans, the fans aren't the ones.

"It's the dorks on the internet that opinion and couch cushion book shows, and do all this stuff, and just non-stop talk s**t about what we're trying to do. I didn't see any of you guys getting cast and thrown into the deep end of the pool. You know, in the middle of a pandemic when the whole world is in a frenzy not knowing what was going on."

Adam Scherr popped up at Ring Of Honor's Final Battle as a surprise recently. This was done alongside EC3's Free Your Narrative project. He was one of many unannounced appearances on the show, with his appearance being something that nobody expected.


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