Backstage Talk On Anthony Ogogo's Heat For Recent Tweets To Jonathan Gresham And Jordynne Grace

AEW star Anthony Ogogo reportedly had locker room heat over his recent comments towards ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham and his wife, Impact Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace.

For those who missed it, Ogogo took to Twitter after the recent ROH Final Battle pay-per-view and knocked Gresham's win over Jay Lethal to capture the vacant ROH World Title.

"Super cute that Jonathan Gresham was the last ever ROH Champ, kinda reminds me when Hornswoggle was the last ever cruiserweight champ. Congrats kiddo," Ogogo wrote.

This led to a back & forth between Ogogo and Grace. Grace took a shot at Ogogo's experience, and indicated that he had previously asked about her relationship status, only to find out she is married. She also joked/indicated that Ogogo tried to direct message her via OnlyFans.

"Did you get to the hammerlock part of training yet or are you still at the wristlock?" Grace tweeted back.

"Sorry darling, who are you?" Ogogo mockingly asked in response. "Hammer locks are child's play, that's why Gresham can do them. I'm at the knocking mf's out and becoming the best athlete turned wrestler there's ever been, part! Smooches."

"I know you know who I am," Grace responded. "Weren't you disappointed when you heard I was married?"

Later on, a fan would reply to Grace and Ogogo, joking that Ogogo should "settle things like an adult on her onlyfans dms." "He tried, I had to ban him!" Grace quickly responded.

The exchange didn't end there, as Ogogo posted a follow-up tweet where he mocked Gresham by calling him "Lil Bill" and mocked Gresham for having braces. This led to Jordynne Grace coming back with one final response to end the exchange.

"You two should be celebrating the 'big' title win," Ogogo tweeted. "Have fun, just don't let Lil Bill chew bubblegum, ya know because he's a 35-year old that wears braces."

Grace responded and mocked Ogogo's name, writing, "Retweet this if you think Lil Bill could outwrestle Anthony Nogogo."

You can see part of the exchange below, including comments where Ogogo continued to knock Gresham and Grace, plus comments from Hornswoggle and Josh Alexander. Grace's tweets cannot be embedded at this point because she deactivated her account earlier this week.

In an update, it was noted by several wrestlers at this week's AEW TV tapings that Ogogo's comments were not looked upon favorably, according to Fightful Select. The comments didn't go over well, especially because Gresham and Grace made it clear they were not participating in an angle with Ogogo.

One AEW source said they didn't believe Ogogo was genuine in his comments, feeling that he was trying to work an angle with a top soon-to-be free agent wrestler, but by the time Gresham made it clear it was not a work, "Ogogo was too far in to take his feet off the gas pedal."

There's no word yet on if any AEW officials spoke with Ogogo directly about the Twitter beef with Gresham and Grace, but the heat was described as not substantial.

Gresham is said to be well-respected across the industry, and several people felt like he should've been given a heads up if he was going to be involved in someone else's work. There were some wrestlers who said they prefer not to be clued in on social media "works" so that they can create and give genuine reactions and responses.

The situation was described as something that can't be fixed, recovered or forgotten about, and those close to Gresham believe he will just handle it interpersonally.

There's no indication that Gresham will be coming to AEW any time soon, but anything is possible. Gresham continues to defend the ROH World Title at various events while ROH is on a hiatus until April 2022.

Stay tuned for more. Below are the related tweets from earlier this month, except for tweets from Grace as she deactivated her account this week: