Booker T Reacts To Toni Storm Quitting WWE

During an episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed Toni Storm leaving WWE. The former NXT UK Women's Champion quit the company recently, with reports claiming that it was due to burnout. He admits to not knowing why she quit, but he thinks it could be a good thing for her.


"I don't know the reasons, I don't know the reasons why," he admitted. "I've just been reading what you guys have been reading. That is she's tired, ready to take a step back. That's some of the readings and I don't even know if that's true. That could be false, there could be a totally different reason.

"I didn't get into the business until I was 25," he said. "So, I didn't have time to get weathered and worn or anything like that. I was ready to make some money. I don't know how long she's been doing it if she's been out there on the circuit. How many times have I said, 'you'd better be careful what you wish for?'

"WWE's schedule is the hardest thing you're ever going to go through in life," Booker T claimed. "It's harder than any football schedule, baseball, I don't care what sport, WWE schedule is harder or just as hard than any of them. If that's the reason, taking a step back might be a good thing."


Booker T spoke about wrestlers needing time off at some point. He believes that the business has to evolve, especially due to the fact mental health is now a bigger talking point. The Hall Of Famer wants to see it be addressed seriously.

"I do think the business is going to have to evolve sooner or later," he said. "As far as the guys that's making the money, the guys that are drawing the dollars. Because it has always been a thing, time off is your worst enemy. But I do think the way the world has changed with mental health being at the forefront now of so many, not just sports but Hollywood, everywhere is coming into play. It's got to be addressed and it has got to be addressed seriously. I do think sooner or later that part is going to change. I don't know when, but I think it has to."

Booker T then went on to talk about his own experiences with mental health. He admitted that during his own career he had his struggles. He had to keep to himself at times in order to focus on the task at hand.

"For me, I must say, throughout my time on the road for all the years it was struggling with myself. Being able to have the will to not be able to call in sick. Even though I'm not feeling well," he said. "The show must go on. I had that mentality and I tell you, it was really, really hard having that mentality.


"I was a loner, I stayed by myself a whole lot," he admitted. "Just so I could focus within and not get caught up in what was surrounding me. Because it could have totally just took me off my game, and we may not be having this conversation right now. It is very, very serious as far as mentally, trying to stay focused."

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