Britt Baker Reveals Her Best Match Of 2021

Britt Baker was a guest on Busted Open Radio recently where she reflected on her Lights Out match with Thunder Rosa. The two women had the first-ever main event in AEW Dynamite history, and she believes it's the best match of 2021.

"I'm hella' biased but of course, I believe that. And it's not because it was just a great match or it had cool stuff, or even the fact that it had the hardcore elements to it. But it just built such a strong foundation for the women's division," she claimed. "It added legitimacy to the women's division that was just so under fire. To say not only it was the best match of our women's division or women's of wrestling. But all of wrestling, that's pretty freaking cool.

"That's something you dream of your whole life. Having a match that people talk about," she added. "So, to accomplish that this year, and in my opinion, I'm still pretty early in my career. So, it's just really hyped me up to keep going and makes me really exciting for professional wrestling and the future of women's wrestling in general."

Britt Baker admitted that she didn't expect the match to be as great as it was. However, despite the pressure the women were under, she felt it was a turning point. Baker believes this match got people to talk about the women's division.

"Not to the extent that it did," Baker admitted. "Obviously, you always want to have a great match and then just pressure and the expectations of the first-ever women's main event on Dynamite. You know, a lot of people wanted that match to fail. Just because of the nature of professional wrestling and the fans, 'I like this show and not that show.' There were some people that were, unfortunately, waiting for that match to not be good.

"And not only was it the opposite of that, it turned a lot of people the other way to say, 'hey, wow. AEW's women, they really have something special there, you just have to give them a chance.' That, to me, is the most important thing," she said. "That it was finally something positive and something everybody was excited about regarding AEW's women."

The only negative that Britt Baker takes away from the match is the fact fans weren't present. However, she has now taken that energy and turned that into a positive as well. The AEW Women's Champion believes it makes the bout even more special.

"That's the part that will always kind of break my heart that, that match had no fans present. Just because fans are the heart and soul of professional wrestling," she said. "That's something that I really dialed in on this last year, really trying to connect with the fans. Whether they love me or hate me. Most hate me, which is fine.

"It's just something that at first, I was really said about. But then I channeled that energy into thinking that's what makes this so special. That this match got the reaction that it did with no fans," Britt stated. "There weren't 20,000 people on their feet at the end of the match. When we walked back through the curtain it was our own roster. It is its own special little checkmark that this had no fans and it still was what it was."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.