Thunder Rosa has recently discussed the current state of women’s wrestling on Face Turn with Candace Cordelia for Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro Wrestling. In the comments, she remarked on how things can still improve in the future for women in pro wrestling from booking more matches to expanding marketability.

“I definitely feel now that we’re allowed to be more athletic and do a lot of the stuff that probably 10 years ago many women weren’t doing. I think now that the public’s expecting that kind of aggressiveness and that kind of athleticism when women step in the ring,” she said. “I think there’s still a lot more things that need to be done. In terms of spaces in mainstream media and even in the independent scene!

“I think women deserve more spaces in when they’re being booked, I still continue to see a lot of shows in where there’s only one women’s match. There are a lot more women that are becoming wrestlers, so the competition is tight. You have to either be really good, really, really popular to be in a certain show,” Rosa said. “Or otherwise, you won’t get another opportunity. That’s why I keep preaching to everybody, ‘you have to make yourself marketable.’ I tell everybody that I mentor, ‘make people want you,’ not [the] other way around. Always.”

As well as that, Thunder Rosa also discussed her friendship with both Anna Jay and Tay Conti. She spoke about both AEW stars and the bonds that they have developed together.

“Tay and I, we’ve been friends for a minute now. I love working with them,” she admitted. “Anna Jay’s really new and she’s like a sponge. She’s always absorbing everything and she wants to learn a lot more. Tay’s a rising star and she comes from a completely different background than I come from. She comes from NXT and now she’s in AEW, and I’m like the independent roadie warrior Thunder Rosa. I made a name for myself. We all mesh really, really well. We get along really, really well. Our chemistry is natural. It’s not forced or anything. “

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