Bryan Danielson Thinks Rising AEW Star Would Fit Well In A Stable With Him

Bryan Danielson has been known as one of the main guys to put indie wrestling on the map. Danielson discussed his goals with TV Insider, and mentioned a young wrestler who he would like to see under him in part of a faction.

"If I can get a group together, I'm thinking of a younger talent or two that develops into stories within that. Look at Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho. By Sammy joining the Inner Circle, he'd become a bigger star. He then stepped up to the plate and hit home runs. That's how you build young stars. A guy that comes to mind for me is Daniel Garcia."

Many have made comparisons between Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia, mostly due to their builds and style of wrestling. Danielson spoke about how he wants AEW to feel like a TV show that fans do not want to miss.

"The one show my wife and I couldn't stop watching was Game of Thrones. It just made you come back every week. Helping AEW, I want to help that need for viewers to come back every week. I think they've already created the best wrestling product in the United States than we've seen in years. Helping to get more fans watching and give the feeling like it's must-see television every week, those are my overarching goals not only for this year but the three years I'm here."

Bryan Danielson has confirmed that his current contract for AEW lasts three years, and says he wants to help more fans start watching wrestling. Danielson explained why he has been getting booed during his feud with "Hangman" Adam Page

"It's all a lot easier when they care about someone. If Hangman Page wasn't someone people cared about, it would have been very easy for the crowd to turn on him rather than me. They love this guy. I haven't done anything so mean or dastardly, yet. I try to not make great changes in my character. I think my time in AEW, I've been aggressive, a little bit of a jerk [who] people like. But it's not hard to switch to a jerk who people don't like."