Cary Silkin was a guest on Busted Open Radio recently where he discussed the emotions that he felt at Final Battle. He compared them to Ring Of Honor’s iconic show in Madison Square Garden, which is often considered to be the greatest moment in the company’s history.

“Things happen recently like this past Saturday, it’s fresher in your mind. How much bigger, how much more emotional how much of a pinnacle can there be than Madison Square Garden? I don’t know if there can be, but it almost felt that way Saturday. It was a different feeling,” Cary Silkin said. “The range of emotions that was going on at that place. It’s like they say, ‘some people process things with sadness, some with anger, some with joyful memories, the whole Megillah as Jewish grandmother would say, was there.’

“So, for me at that show on Saturday, of course, Madison Square Garden was the pinnacle of Ring Of Honor. The chance of me getting to be sitting at ringside and in the ring,” he said. “Presenting the belt to Matt Taven and getting to walk out, this is like hitting, not the lottery, it’s like the power ball. Yet, Saturday night, this past Saturday almost equaled it in a different way. It was very special.”

Cary Silkin then went on to discuss the atmosphere that took place at Final Battle. He admitted that it was even better in person than it came across on television.

“The energy in the building was much better than what was on TV, although it wasn’t bad on TV. But in the building it had that old Ring Of Honor, Hammerstein, Manhattan Center,” he said. “I’m not talking about in the back of the stage, in the front, that we’re all in this together. It was very overwhelming.”

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