Matt Taven Reveals His ROH Mount Rushmore

Matt Taven was recently a guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he talked about Ring Of Honor and its impending hiatus. The company has announced it will undergo a relaunch in 2022, with this past weekend's Final Battle PPV being the final ROH event for a while.


However, ahead of that show, Matt Taven looked back at the history of the company. He was asked which wrestlers he would put on his personal ROH Mount Rushmore.

"Cary Silkin, Delirious, I say there are no more important people than Cary Silkin and Delirious in the history of Ring Of Honor. So I wanted to put them in there somewhere," Taven admitted. "But it would be easier to just do wrestlers, then it's like, Jay Briscoe, Jay Lethal, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk. No, Samoa Joe. Maybe take out Punk and do Joe, Danielson, Briscoe, and Lethal. It's so tough."

Matt Taven then went on to talk about Jay Briscoe in more detail. He is someone who has been around the company from the start, and Taven believes he is "the man".


"Jay Brisco from day one to the very end is the man there," Taven stated. "When he was champion, I got to tell you there was nothing more badass than seeing Jay Brisco walk through the curtain holding that belt. It's like, 'man this guy looks like he could whoop anyone's ass. That guy deserves to be champion.'

"Him and Jay Lethal at Best In The World, Title for Title. That could be one of the best matches in Ring Of Honor history," he stated. "That's why both of them will be in my Mount Rushmore as far as wrestlers for Ring Of Honor."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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