CM Punk On Potentially Teaming With AJ Lee In AEW

In an appearance on ESPN's SportsNation, AEW star CM Punk talked about his AEW debut this past August at AEW Rampage: The First Dance in Punk's hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Months later the moment still hasn't quite sunk in, though Punk does firmly believe it is the best moment of his illustrious career.


"I definitely think it's the number one moment of my career," CM Punk said. "I've been fortunate, I 've done a lot of cool things, won titles, sold out buildings, wrestled a lot of big names. But to come back after seven years and have that be the response? It shows you that I think that I left my fingerprints all over the industry.

"I know we cheated a little bit and it was in my hometown, but still, to sell out the United Center on a rumor and to come back and feel that love, it's pretty incredible. And it's still a little bit overwhelming to tell you the truth."

Recently fellow AEW stars Adam Cole and Britt Baker revealed that their dream tag team match was taking on CM Punk and his wife, former wrestler AJ Lee. While Punk didn't dismiss the possibility of that match, he also couldn't say for sure that it was in the cards, as Lee has her own projects she is currently working on.


"That one I can't promise you," CM Punk said. "She's doing her own thing. To be completely honest, I know her. And if I said 'hey, do you want to do this wrestling match?' and she was all gung ho to do it, I know she would want to get into stupid shape to do it. And I like her fit. I don't want to take that away from myself."

You can watch the full interview below.