Cody Rhodes Believes AEW Is Incapable Of Having A Bad Show

AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes sat down with Fite TV's Fite in Focus to promote AEW Battle of the Belts next Saturday on TNT. And needless to say, Cody Rhodes is very excited about the event and that it's named Battle of the Belts.


"I am really excited that Tony named it Battle of the Belts, because it's right there in the name," Rhodes said. "I disliked this in wrestling, this is really across the board, not speaking anything specifically, when a belt has been tarnished and they have lost to their value. If you talk to wrestlers, we love our belts. Most wrestlers who are worth their salt have their own display of the belts they have ever won and it's a significant thing. No different than Hollywood when you win an Academy Award. It's unique in that sense. And him naming it Battle of the Belts and put the emphasis on the titles."

Cody Rhodes isn't sure whether he'll be defending the AEW TNT Championship at Battle of the Belts at this time. What he is sure of is that the show will be great, as he believes AEW is incapable of putting out a less than great show at this point.


"I am not sure if all titles will be defended in this very first TNT special," Rhodes stated. "But we do know that with just that in mind, it being the very first special that we are doing as part of the new contract, knowing us, me, Kenny, The Bucks and Tony, that's not one we can leave to, we are not capable, we are not able at this point to have a B+ show.

"Everything has to be A+. And that's something I am looking forward to, that we can still make these new memories and we are going to continue to make them. I am excited about Battle of the Belts because it reminds me of Clash of the Champions. It's a special and big things happen on nights like that. We are not capable of never having a big night but we are capable of making our nights bigger."

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