Cody Rhodes Says He Is About To Take AEW Fans On A “Bizarre” Ride

During Vlog 353 of Sammy Guevara's YouTube series titled "A Christmas Nightmare", Cody Rhodes spoke following his win over Guevara for the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite: Holiday Bash. Rhodes spoke for several minutes, revealing all the things he's thankful for, including Sammy and the sacrifices he's made throughout his career.

"I'm thankful to Sammy," Rhodes said. "He said in an interview backstage that he would carry me and he did. He did carry me for a moment, he had me on his shoulders in a torture rack-like position, turned it into a GTS type maneuver. That's his special thing, his big finish and I kicked out. I am thankful to him for that.

"I am thankful for me and all the sacrifices I've made having literally never taken a day off. I'm thankful for diet coke, at every party, you are there. When people are just eating gluttonously and drinking, you have to sit there and drink diet coke and spit Twizzlers into a red solo cup because you can't actually consume them so that you can look good with your shirt off."

Cody Rhodes continued to talk about the other things he's thankful for, mentioning during the vlog that he's thankful for his daughter, his wife, the Nightmare Family, and so many others. The new TNT Champion also talked about being thankful for the fans who cheer and boo him and is looking forward to taking the fans down a bizarre path as the new champ.

"I'm thankful for those sacrifices that have put me in this position to have almost immeasurable wealth as a wrestler," Rhodes mentioned. "NFL level wealth as a wrestler and I am thankful for that because my mother told me if I quit WWE that I was screwed and well, I'm of course thankful to my mother but I'm just really overall thankful for everything. I have no complaints.

"I am thankful to the fans that cheer me, and I am thankful to the fans that boo me because both sets of fans are ready to go on a ride that is just bizarre and not the path that you think. We are not doing what's done before. I'm very thankful, I'm thankful for all the things in my life."

The new TNT Champion will have his first title defense this Friday against Ethan Page on AEW Rampage. The show will also include Penelope Ford & The Bunny vs. Anna Jay & Tay Conti and Darby Allin going one on one with Anthony Bowens.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Sammy Guevara Vlog 353 with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.