Colt Cabana Reveals Dark Order Plans For Him Before Brodie Lee’s Passing

AEW's Colt Cabana recently spoke with the Into The Danger Zone podcast where he discussed his role in The Dark Order. He admitted that he stood back at first, and Cabana also revealed the original plans for him and the group.

"It's hard. At first, I stood back a little bit, because I guess I was the only successful Brodie inductee, no I am going to say that wrong. Dark Order was Stu and Uno and then they started getting people," he added. "But they didn't get anyone for a while until I kind of came in. And I wasn't even supposed to be.

"It was supposed to lead to me and Brodie having a match, and it was what it was. So, some people will be like, 'I don't get Colt in The Dark Order.' I have so much pride like I got stuck inside of this bubble," he admitted. "We lost Brodie and I am there now. I feel like I was in a vortex and it's just wild. It means so much to me that I'm in the vortex and I am part of the team."

Colt Cabana also spoke in more detail about his place in the group. He stressed that at first, he wanted to step back to allow them to do their own thing. However, now the experienced wrestler believes he is in and comfortable with the group.

"They were doing their own thing with Being The Elite and all of this. So, it's hard for me to come in," he said. "I didn't want to overtake anything. I know I could be abrasive, or brash, or over charismatic if need be, like a lot of wrestlers. We see that red light and we want to go, go, go, right?

"I tried to know my place in there," Cabana said. "Now it has been a year and some change and I feel so comfortable in there. It's all jokes, we are all joking around. Even like, I feel like a girl like Anna could have got lost in the women's shuffle so much, it's so nice that she's such a great part of our group and we get to see her personality."

Colt Cabana also looked towards the future of The Dark Order and its members. He hopes that some of the young members are able to become huge stars for the company moving forwards.

"I think that's part of the fun thing too. Like when me and Stu, and Uno are kind of finishing off our careers, we hope that Five and Ten will be at a point where they will be big stars. And hopefully, us as some of the veterans of The Dark Order will have given them enough confidence and advice and allowed themselves to be themselves enough and they feel comfortable in it that they'll be able to become huge stars in AEW."

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