Dax Harwood Names Last Great Tag Team FTR Needs To Face

Dax Harwood took part in an interview with The Wrestling Classic with his tag team partner, Cash Wheeler. Harwood explained how Tully Blanchard becoming their manager came to be.

"He had never seen any of our work before because when he was out of wrestling for thirty years, he stopped watching wrestling. He hadn't watched it in years. So Arn made him sit down with him and watch our matches on Arn's iPad. I pitched to Tony, 'Why don't we have this guy as our manager?'

"We came in as quasi-babyface at first, but I was like, let's have this, I laid out this whole 'Tag Team Appreciation Night', and I said, 'This is when, let's not turn heel on the Young Bucks, let's save us touching for later. Let us turn heel on Ricky and Robert and get real sympathy for them but get real heat for us, and then that transitions into Tully being our manager.' He set up the whole thing and was completely on board."

Dax Harwood grew up idolizing Arn and Tully, speaking on many occasions about how much influence they had on FTR. Harwood listed off the tag teams he believes to be some of the best in this generation and the last tag team that would help complete their legacy.

"We're, you know, I'm patting myself on the back, or ourselves on the back, but we're the only team of this generation to work with the greatest tag teams of this generation. There's nobody else that's worked with the New Day, American Alpha, DIY, The Usos, ReDragon, Ortiz and Santana, Young Bucks, SCU, The Hardy Boyz, all down the list, there is no other team that has worked with that caliber of tag teams except for us. There is really only one team we have to add to that list sometime, of the greatest teams of this generation, and that's the Briscoes. It's got to happen somewhere, and that will complete — that's something that's very important to me for our legacy."

Dax Harwood completes this by saying the Briscoes would be the last great tag team for them to face. Harwood spoke on how great Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, is.

"Tony's the best. Tony's the greatest, he's the greatest boss I have ever worked for. I've driven Septic Tank Trucks, I've worked in food service, I've worked as a DJ, I've done every job imaginable just so I could keep my head above water and he is the greatest boss I've ever worked with.