Dax Harwood Says There Is A Former WWE PC Coach FTR Is Laughing At

AEW's FTR recently spoke with Elite POV where they talked about wanting to bring back the art of tag team wrestling. Dax Harwood recalled not feeling like seeing just two singles guys work together. So, FTR decided to work as a unit and become the best.

"It was also 2014 too. And in 2014, for some reason, there was a time where tag team wrestling, the actual art of it got lost," Dax claimed "It became two singles guys doing their stuff, just tagging in and out, doing their stuff. We talked to each other and we said, 'hey, let's not be selfish, let's not try to outshine each other, let's make this unit the best that we can.'

"I'll say this to pat ourselves on the back. Before us, you didn't see tag matches, of the modern era at least, the heels grab a hold and the babyfaces working for the tag. You didn't see that. You didn't see hope spots that were slightly elaborate to give that baby a little bit of hope and have the heel stop them there. What you saw was a hold, the fans would start to come up," he said. "The two guys would start to come up, bring the elbows to the stomach. They'd hit the ropes and the heel would do something and the heel would hit some kind of cool move.

"That was in every single tag match, and we didn't want to do that," Harwood noted. "We wanted to be completely different. It's so cliché to say now, and I hate the word art, but we really did at the time, 2014, we wanted to bring back the art of tag team wrestling."

Cash Wheeler then discussed the peaks and valleys in tag team wrestling. He stated that there's ups and downs in each era but right now FTR is enjoying a peak for the division.

"I feel like there's different eras of tag team wrestling. There will be peaks and there will be valleys, and there was a valley for a while. That's not to say there were no good teams," he said. "There were good teams, there just weren't as many good teams that wrestled a true, traditional tag-team style.

"And, tag team wrestling as a whole just didn't get the time.," Wheeler added. "Now, there's enough insanely talented tag teams out there and enough people that like to watch it that it gets 30 minutes to close a Dynamite. It gets 20 minutes to open a Rampage. Tag team wrestling is getting the respect again and that's what we hoped would happen. This is a new era, this is the new peak for tag team wrestling."

Dax Harwood went on to speak about a former WWE PC coach. The AEW star claimed that he hopes they're now looking at him knowing he is laughing to his face.

"There's a former coach at the PC, that I hope he's looking at us and knowing that we are laughing at him in the face. Well, I won't put Cash in that position," he stressed. "Knowing that I am laughing at him in the face."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Elite POV with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.