Dr. Britt Baker has found fame since joining AEW but she says her popularity has also led to some unusual dental appointments.

By now, just about everyone knows Baker has two careers, as a pro wrestler and as a dentist. The AEW Women’s Champion says her success in pro wrestling can sometimes be an issue at her dental practice. While most fans respect the boundaries of her duel careers, others apparently can’t help themselves.

“Our office manager’s always saying the different goofy emails he’s being sent, and patients are driving from all over Florida to come here,” Baker told Bleacher Report. “And sometimes they just come in for their exam and ask for a picture and then we never see them again, which is not ideal because we want to do treatment on these patients.”

As AEW has grown and expanded its broadcasting presence over the past year, Dr. Britt Baker has had to work harder than ever to balance her two full-time careers. Her boyfriend Adam Cole has a front-row seat for her busy schedule, and he’s closer than ever to her day-to-day routine since joining AEW. Cole debuted at the All Out pay-per-view back in September.

“Monday, she’s up at the crack of dawn, and she’ll get ready and she’ll go into the [dental] office and work between a 10- and 12-hour day lots of times because she doesn’t have the chance to work every single day,” Cole said. “She comes home, she’ll eat something really quick, and then she’ll head right to the gym. Then she comes back and does whatever odds and ends that she has to do that day—laundry, what have you—and then she’ll have an hour or 45 minutes to just kind of chill, and she’s adorable because she’ll go, ‘Oh, it’s so nice, now we can finally spend some time together; let’s watch a movie or TV show.’ And 90 percent of the time she’s out. And of course, she is, she’s been working her tail off.”

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