EC3 On How He Kept Braun Strowman’s ROH Appearance A Secret

EC3 recently spoke with the Ring Of Honor Strong podcast about creating his current character. He revealed what the idea was about and how important it was to ensure there was a great payoff for the moment.

"My idea was I am going to recreate this character for 90 days, by speaking. So every week I am at least going to drop a promo that's better than anything you're going to see on Raw or SmackDown. Whether I did or not, nah, I probably did unless somebody good was talking," he admitted. But having a payoff to it, but what was the payoff?

"I was coming to Ring Of Honor, but then Ring Of Honor got sidetracked again," he said. "At the end of the 90 days Impact had a show, but I wasn't solely sure on that. I needed a payoff for this 90 day thing, which was Control Your Narrative. I created my debuting match within my own realm, in my own world. It's very much fight club."

At Ring Of Honor's Final Battle, EC3 was involved in one of the biggest surprises of the night. He brought out Adam Scherr, and he spoke about how difficult that was to keep as a surprise. The former WWE Superstar admitted to not even telling people he really trusted.

"Very much keeping it close to the vest," he stated about keeping things a secret. "Even with people I trust with my life, I did not tell what was taking place. Because, if some word got out, if some way it was stooged off to the internet. If there were people that I trusted that weren't involved with it that I did tell, would I lose my trust in them? Even though it probably wasn't them, it was probably a residual.

"It's the art of war, you never let your tactics be known. The people that needed to know, knew," EC3 claimed. "Hiding a 6foot 8 titan in a hood and a face mask in a hotel where there's fans around, not easy. Using my other men as sort of divisionary tactic. It was a great deception. It was not easy, but it was worth it."

When it comes to the promo he cut that night, EC3 was aware of time restraints. He wanted Jonathan Gresham to get his moment. But, he also didn't pre-plan things as it was important for that to be done from the heart.

"I am slightly cognate of the fact we are on PPV and time is running and I am still a professional. I definitely want Jon to have his moment at the end of the show and everything else, I didn't want to rush it. But I knew I kind of had to in a sense," he admitted. "Just how everything in wrestling is so manufactured nowadays. From like walkthroughs and script writing and all of this.

"I had things that I wanted to say but I am like, 'why am I trying to remember words? Speak from the heart, say the things you think, let's feel this entire thing out there.' I think a lot of new talent, that I am trying to instill in them too, the feeling is what makes it worth it. Going out there with nothing and creating," he said. "You feel so much better than doing everything you talked about and rehearsed and expecting reactions."

The reaction for that moment was huge, both in the building and online. EC3 is certainly proud of what they accomplished, admitting it now ranks in the top three moments of his career.

"I wouldn't rank them in any order, but it's definitely a top three at this point. What makes it so unique and different is though I had the platform, and I was gifted it, and I thank them very much for it to do it. A lot had to do with I was trying to build on my own and them coming together," EC3 said. "Because what I am doing on my own is unique, it's cool, and people are catching on."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit the Ring Of Honor Strong podcast with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.