AEW Star Takes Shot At Jonathan Gresham’s ROH World Title Win

It was a eventful day for Anthony Ogogo on Twitter this past Sunday afternoon. With seemingly no prompting, the AEW star tweeted his thoughts on new Ring of Honor Champion Jonathan Gresham. In said tweet, Anthony Ogogo appeared to take a shot at Gresham's size, comparing his championship victory at Ring of Honor Final Battle to that of Hornswoggle's WWE Cruiserweight Championship run years ago.


"Super cute that Jonathan Gresham was the last ever ROH Champ, kinda reminds me when Hornswoggle was the last ever cruiserweight champ. Congrats kiddo," Ogogo tweeted.

As of yet, Gresham has yet to respond to Anthony Ogogo's tweet. Instead, Ogogo got a response from Gresham's wife, Impact Wrestling's Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace. This is turn led to an exchange between Ogogo and Grace that lasted well into the afternoon, with Jordynne Grace taking shots at Ogogo's lack of experience and insinuating that Ogogo had potentially asked her out, not knowing of her marriage to Gresham.

"Did you get to the hammerlock part of training yet or are you still at the wristlock?" Grace tweeted.

"Sorry darling, who are you?" Ogogo mockingly asked in response. "Hammer locks are child's play, that's why Gresham can do them. I'm at the knocking mf's out and becoming the best athlete turned wrestler there's ever been, part! Smooches."


"I know you know who I am," Grace retorted. "Weren't you disappointed when you heard I was married?"

Later on, a fan would reply to Grace and Ogogo, joking that Ogogo should "settle things like an adult on her onlyfans dms." "He tried, I had to ban him!" Grace responded a minute later.

The exchange didn't end there, as Anthony Ogogo posted a follow-up tweet where he mocked Gresham by calling him "Lil Bill" and mocked Gresham for having braces. This led to Jordynne Grace coming back with one final response to end the exchange.

"You two should be celebrating the 'big' title win," Ogogo tweeted. "Have fun, just don't let Lil Bill chew bubblegum, ya know because he's a 35-year old that wears braces."

"Retweet this if you think Lil Bill could outwrestle Anthony Nogogo," Grace responded, mocking Ogogo's name.

It is unclear at this time whether the exchange between Jordynne Grace and Anthony Ogogo is legitimate, or part of an angle. Both Ogogo and Jonathan Gresham are connected by wrestler Baron Black; Black and Gresham are the co-founders of the new promotion Terminus, while Black has also served as a training partner for Ogogo at the Nightmare Factory. The two recently wrestled on AEW Dark, with Ogogo emerging victorious.


Two other wrestlers also chimed in on the exchange later in the day. The first was Jordynne Grace's Impact co-worker Josh Alexander.

"Jon Gresham is apparently 5'4. I never knew that," Alexander tweeted. "I've wrestled him a bunch of times and still had to Google it. You know why? Because it doesn't matter. He's the best wrestler I've ever shared the ring with. The best. Oh, he's also a professional & humble person. Ok, I'm done."

Also responding was Hornswoggle, who Ogogo had compared Gresham to in his initial tweet. While not commenting on Gresham, Hornswoggle took offense to Ogogo belittling his accomplishment.

"Super cute how you try and downplay something that wrestling fans still remember to this day, 14 years later," Hornswoggle tweeted. "Kind of reminds me of when you...wait, what have you done again that's noteworthy?"

You can read Anthony Ogogo and Jordynne Grace's Twitter exchange, as well as the tweets from Josh Alexander and Hornswoggle, below.