Eddie Kingston On What Jon Moxley Told Him Before Huge AEW Match

In an interview with Talk Sport, AEW star Eddie Kingston talked about wrestling at AEW Double or Nothing this past May, where he teamed with good friend Jon Moxley to challenge The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Despite being with AEW for nearly a year at this point, this match marked the point where Eddie Kingston truly felt like he belonged in AEW.


"After that match with Moxley against The Young Bucks (at Double or Nothing), for the first time, I felt like I belonged in AEW," Kingston remarked. "It was because of that match. And also because we had 5,000 people in Daily's Place and that was my first time in front of an AEW crowd really."

Eddie Kingston also recalled what Moxley said to him before they walked through the crowd, reminding Kingston that he should expect to be over with the crowd. Kingston called the oment, and the match, a career highlight, made all the more special by Moxley's involvement.

"Before Jon kicked the door open, he looked over at me and said 'get ready to be over,'" Kingston recalled. "I said  'what did you say motherf*****?' And he kicked the door open and we just went! It was definitely a career highlight. But being in there with Jon? Come on, man, that's my boy. It's huge. He's the man. He's my man."


Eddie Kingston can next be seen on AEW Dynamite this upcoming Wednesday from Jacksonville, Florida. He will team with Proud N' Powerful (Ortiz and Santana) to take on Daniel Garcia and 2Point0 (Jeff Parker and Matt Lee) in six-man tag team action.