Estimated Earnings For Top Pro Wrestlers On Cameo Revealed

Some big names in pro wrestling are earning big bucks on Cameo. And leading the pack of personalities who are taking requests on the website is Mick Foley.

That information comes from a report by It compiled data from Cameo on the roster of pro wrestling personalities who offer greetings through the website.


According to US-Bookies, Mick Foley has earned an estimated $512,493 (USD) on Cameo. Second on the list is Bret Hart, whose estimated earnings are $169,000 (USD). They are the only two people in the pro wrestling category who can claim six-figure earnings on Cameo.

Foley is by far the most popular pro wrestling personality on Cameo. In fact, Foley has amassed 3,581 ratings. That makes him the third most popular person on all of Cameo, according to US-Bookies. Other inactive personalities include Jake "The Snake" Roberts ($25,837.45) and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase ($25,261.15).

Foley and Hart are among three pro wrestling personalities who are in the top 10 most popular athletes on Cameo. The third is Matt Hardy, who is the top-rated active wrestler.


A pair of surprising names are among the most popular wrestling personalities on Cameo. Gillberg and Dylan "Swoggle" Postl both have more than 300 ratings. Each has earned less than others near the top of the rating list because their greetings selling for a lower price, with Gillberg earning $6934.81 and Postl netting $7491,90.

Matt Hardy is the most popular name among active wrestlers at $81,1143.04. He's followed by Danhausen ($24,973) and Darby Allin ($26413.75).

WWE recently enacted new rules for its talent regarding third-party platforms. That prevents any WWE wrestlers from offering greetings on Cameo without the company's consent.

Wrestling Inc. was first to exclusively report in September 2020 on the edict issued by Vince McMahon which instructed talent they can no longer engage with third parties. WWE later informed talent that the company would be taking control of their Cameo and Twitch accounts.

This year, WWE started offering limited numbers of requests on Cameo for its talent. The most recent offer happened during the run-up to Survivor Series last month. 30 requests were taken for King Woods and Queen Zelina.