FTR recently spoke with Elite POV where they spoke about recently getting to work in Mexico. Dax Harwood admitted that it was a fun experience, even though the fans wanted them dead.

“We go over to Mexico and they literally wanted to kill us,” the FTR star said. “They had to have every security guard they had on site, and every policeman they had on site to escort us back to our locker room because they hated us so much. That was the best part of wrestling internationally.”

FTR then discussed what their aims are for 2022. Cash Wheeler revealed that he is hoping to pick up gold in AEW. However, he also wants to have some success and work in New Japan Pro Wrestling as well, if that’s possible.

“Obviously we want to be two-time AEW Tag Team Champions because number one we love making history. We love being champions and we love being the best,” he stated. “And what better way to do that than winning those again? Obviously, we want to do the New Japan stuff if we ever get the chance to do that. A lot has to line up for that to happen.”

However, even though FTR is looking ahead right now, Wheeler hinted that the end could be close. He admitted they do not know how much longer they want to keep doing this, but there are some goals left for them to keep the team going.

“I really don’t know how much longer we feel like we want to do this,” he said. “We are having a lot of fun right now so we don’t want to put any sort of time frame on it. But when we’ve checked off enough things and we feel satisfied that we can call it a day, then we will call it a day. But we still have quite a bit we want to accomplish before that happens.”

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