Hangman Page Comments On Big Bryan Danielson AEW Title Match Tonight

'Hangman' Adam Page won the AEW Championship, defeating Kenny Omega at Full Gear on November 13, 2021. Since winning the championship, Page has not defended it. However, this upcoming Wednesday on Dynamite, Page puts the title on the line against Bryan Danielson, who earned his way by last defeating Miro in the AEW Title Eliminator Tournament.


During Oral Sessions With Renee Paquette, Page spoke about his upcoming match with Danielson, and why he feels he can beat the American Dragon.

"I feel a lot better than I think I would've felt about it a year or two ago," said Page. "I feel really good about it, I'm excited. I've obviously, like, anyone in wrestling, I've been watching Bryan Danielson for a long time, you know what I mean? Since I was in high school, finding out that there's wrestling outside of what's on TV. Looking up stuff, he's obviously one of the first people you stumble into, and here we are, about to be across the ring from each other at Winter is Coming.

"Much like winning the championship is a surreal feeling, but I have to remind myself it's a very real thing that is going to be happening that I need to prepare for. But I do feel good about it, I was able to beat Kenny in less than thirty minutes, something that he {Danielson} couldn't do, and I'm trying to, you know, in preparing for him, remind myself of that and not let the doubt creep in."


In the past years, Hangman Adam Page has been a mainstay on the YouTube show Being The ELITE. Page discussed what could have been an angle with Brodie Lee and how BTE would have played a role in that happening.

"I wanted to, and you know, a lot of times, it feels like what I'm thinking, I would like to work towards. It might not be what that person is thinking, it might not be what Tony is thinking, it might not be what anybody else is thinking, but you know, I'll do a BTE scene and plant a seed and see what kind of reaction it gets," Page explained. "I was planting seeds to do something with Brodie, because I really wanted to.

"And when he, I guess, was ill, and was gone, and we didn't really know what was going on, I guess there were points where it felt like 'I don't know, should I keep going in this direction?' Like, I don't know what to do. But I felt it would've been a disservice to him and to all of the Dark Order, who are incredible people too, like not keep going the only way that made sense, regardless of where we would end up with it."

'Hangman' Adam Page has continuously worked alongside the Dark Order, as they have remained allies through Page's entire rise to World Champion. When Page won the AEW World Title, they came out and celebrated with him.


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