Independent Wrestler Reveals Major Knee Injury

Independent pro wrestling veteran Facade will miss months of in-ring action due to a major knee injury. He revealed on Wednesday that he has a torn MCL and PCL.

Facade said the diagnosis was made official after an MRI and a follow-up appointment on Tuesday. But he says the injury itself happened weeks ago.


"The injury happened the Tuesday before Thanksgiving during an OVW untelevised match," Facade revealed in a statement posted on his social media. "I got a little frazzled, I allowed myself to lose focus & I injured myself."

Facade had been a regular in Ohio Valley Wrestling since the middle of the year. The match where he was injured was a 3-way where he was victorious over A.J. Daniels and Mickey Midas. Despite the injury, Facade continued to work matches for a couple of weeks.

"After my initial doctor's appointment, I honored the remaining 6 of my commitments," Facade stated. "Thankfully the promotions and my opponents were all very understanding."

Facade said he could miss nearly half of the upcoming year as he recovers. He also said his surgeon had a humorous reaction when he saw some of Facade's matches after he was injured.


"The normal recovery time for this kind of injury is about 6 months," Facade explained. "The surgeon asked to see clips of some of the things I had been doing since I got injured and he was laughing, punching my arm & calling me a crazy son of a gun."

Facade is hopeful that his recovery time will be less than the six-month estimate he got from his doctors. He sounds confident that he'll make a full recovery from the first major injury of his career.

"I'm in good hands," Faceade said. "15 years & this is the 1st major injury, so I can't complain. I was really worried this last handful of matches [were] still up to the #NeonNinja standards."

Facade has worked across the U.S. independent scene for more than a decade. He's also made appearances in Ring Of Honor and GCW during his career.