During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, AEW Commentator Jim Ross spoke about Bryan Danielson and the success he’s had since joining AEW. Recently, Danielson has transitioned into the role of a heel during the build up to his match with AEW World Champion Adam Page for “AEW Winter is Coming 2” on December 15. Ross spoke about Danielson’s heel turn and why he thinks it was a great idea to enhance their story.

“I love everything that Bryan Danielson has done since day one in AEW,” Ross said. “He’s always been one of my favorite guys to be around. Positive, smart, he shows great skills without having to pat himself on the back. He’s won every match he’s been in and he’s won it with a different finisher. It takes confidence to do that, it’s not your tried and true finisher. He has a variety of things he can use to beat your ass and if you go forward, that’s great ammunition to tell great stories.

“If you think about it in reality, why wouldn’t he [turn heel]? He’s the number one contender. The match with him and Hangman Page is inevitable, it’s going to happen. When or where I don’t know, I’d suggest it would be on pay per view but it might not be. Tony might throw a curveball, hell I don’t know but I loved it. It really galvanized the relationship between champ and the number one contender so I think that was really good. Look, after a pay per view you’ve got to wipe the slate clean and get some new match-ups, new matches. His ability to change his game, I love it. I love the fact that we’re doing things differently, doing new marriages, that’s smart booking in my view.”

Jim Ross also mentioned how he had a conversation with Tony Schiavone recently about the number of years the two of them have worked together on television. The former WWE Commentator also spoke about Tony Khan being a huge fan of him and Schiavone and wanting both as the lead commentators for AEW.

“It’s pretty amazing isn’t it, a 34-year partnership and it’s still going,” Ross said. “We had a break in the action, he stayed in WCW and I went to WWE. I think we both made the right decisions for each other, for our careers. It’s been fun riding.

“Tony Khan facilitates that, Tony Khan is a big fan of Tony [Schiavone’s], Tony Khan is a big fan of mine and I think he’s living a dream right now. I know I am, he lets us work, he’s not in our ear, he’s not cursing, he’s not yelling and screaming and acting possessed. He just treats people really good and the better you treat people, the more they’re going to invest in making your business better. They’re not pissed off all the time or frustrated.”

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