Jim Ross Comments On His Current Relationship With Michael Cole

During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross spoke about his relationship with WWE announcer Michael Cole and why the two haven't spoken much in the last several years. The former WWE Commentator also spoke about The Rock reaching out to him on Twitter about his skin cancer condition and said things like that are what he loves about the wrestling business.

"I don't know that we've talked in the last several years," Ross said. "We do engage in text messages here or there during the holidays. He's got a great family, sometime this month, I'm sure we'll exchange text messages but that's the extent of it. He's on the road a lot, he's got a lot of responsibilities. There's that competitive nature that some people have with WWE and AEW, I don't think Cole is in that league. I don't think he cares. I say we text each other once or twice a year and I wish it were more, but it's just hard.

"That's wrestling, that's the wrestling business. That's why it's so wonderful that I'm getting so many text messages and all this wonderful stuff on social [media] from some of the biggest stars in wrestling. I think some people were surprised that The Rock sent me a tweet, well, I wasn't. Did I appreciate it? You're damn right I appreciate it. He doesn't owe me that, he's busy as hell and one of the biggest stars in the world taking a moment out of his day to tweet me. That's the wrestling business that I love, I've got a lot of talent that are supportive of my situation right now."

Jim Ross continued to talk about his relationship with other wrestlers, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk. The WWE Hall of Famer mentioned how great it feels to have people looking out for him in this difficult time he's in.

"Steve checks on me and tries to see if I'm doing what I need to do to get healthy," Ross said. "He's great. CM Punk is another guy who's there to check on me and I appreciate that because Phil's got a lot on his mind as well and he's a very complex guy. Very talented, as we all know. It's just wonderful, quite frankly. I'm always amazed at how many people reach out because it's very helpful. If you only knew when you're sitting in an empty place and you start to wonder about different things. Letting your mind wander to a bad place, then you read your timeline, it takes you right out of it. Sounds simplistic but it's a fact."

The AEW Commentator also gave an update on when he thinks he'll be able to return to AEW television since dealing with his skin cancer issue. Jim Ross also mentioned how he'd love to talk to Cole and tell the SmackDown commentator how great of a job he's doing on the blue brand.

"I would love for things to be different and Michael and I to have conversations about things in general," Ross mentioned. "Football, family, holidays, food — there's a lot of things we enjoy chatting about but the opportunity is not there and we don't create that opportunity. I wish with all the things that are different with Cole and I, I just wish that we had the opportunity today to communicate more. I'd like to let him know how much I respect what he's done and what he's doing. And he's become a hell of an announcer, he's done a hell of a job."

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