Jonah On How His Pre-WWE Release Meeting With Vince McMahon Went

During an interview with Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo, JONAH spoke about his release from WWE and the reaction he's heard from his peers within the company since. The former NXT North American Champion also said he believes the company didn't view him as a main roster fit, and revealed why he believes he could fit in with any roster or in any company.


"I've had a lot of people within the business, from RAW and Smackdown, friends that have told me 'you can't take this personally, it's just a business decision and if you think about it for too long, you're going to question everything,' " Jonah said. "I can't see any other reason than they didn't see me fitting in whatever mold they want for RAW and Smackdown.

"I thought that if I didn't go to RAW or Smackdown, I'd be back on the black and gold brand. But I didn't know that was all being changed. They didn't see me fitting in on any of their rosters and that was why, I've always told everyone that I have ever spoken to that not only can I fit into any roster in the world, I can fit into any timeframe, Jonah can wrestle in the 80s, 90s, 2000s. I am the kind of talent that can be placed anywhere."


The former Bronson Reed debuted as Jonah at IMPACT Turning Point in November, following his WWE release in August. The former NXT North American Champion was also announced for PWG's Battle of Los Angeles in 2022. Jonah also spoke about why he doesn't believe he could've done anything to keep himself from being released by WWE.

"I honestly don't think I could have done anything differently, you know?" Jonah said. "I was very close with Hunter and Shawn in NXT and they were very happy with everything I had done. I am one of those people who is constantly checking in. If you need me to change something, I can change it.

"They were big fans of Bronson Reed. The same was said about my meeting with Vince, and Bruce Prichard, and John Laurinaitis who were there as well. If they had said 'we need you to do this, or change characters, or do this,' I've been in the wrestling business long enough to be able to do that. But there was no opportunity for that."

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