Kofi Kingston On Why Big E Is The WWE Champion People Need

Kofi Kingston has been a member of a faction known as 'The New Day' since 2014. During an interview with Cerrito Entertainment, Kofi was asked about what would have happened if he and fellow New Day member, Xavier Woods, went at it in the King of the Ring tournament had Kingston beaten Jinder Mahal in the first round.

"I don't know if you're a comic book fan, but you always have the 'what if' right? Like, oh what if Superman, what if he had landed in Russia and he was with the Soviets and then he was really Captain Russia and not Captain America? It's a 'what if' story, you know what I'm saying? So if you wanna see and wonder what would happen, then maybe you write a letter to Marvel and then the good folks over there to put together a great story and you can read it and be entertained and tickle your fancy. But as far as real-life, actual life, you just won't see that happen."

Kofi Kingston does not seem to try and focus on past possibilities, instead, the former WWE Champion looks to what happens in real life. Kingston discussed how wonderful it has been to watch his stable-mate, Big E, become world champion and one of the main faces of RAW.

"It has been awesome, it has been beautiful,  it was been emotional, you know? Because I have always said that if anyone deserves to be the face of the company, it is (Big) E. Anyone who has come across E at a signing or seen him at a show, you have been drawn in, you have been entertained by him, you have been moved by him. If he has picked up a mic and you've been able to hear what's come out of his mouth because he is one of the most galvanizing people to ever hold a mic in WWE, the way he is able to captivate people, relate to people. That is the kind of champion that the people want and the kind of champion that the people need."

Kofi Kingston showed his appreciation for how Big E has become a focal point of WWE's flagship show. Kingston spoke on preferring to be on the same brand as Big E and having the entire New Day together at one time.

"It would definitely be more fun on the same show. And then like, from a selfish perspective, like, we enjoy each other's company. So even if we are not on screen together, we, for example, this past Monday at RAW, we had the, myself and Woods, had what's called the 'Dark Match', the post-show match, I guess. So we were there with E all day, so that was awesome to be in each other's presence."