Kurt Angle On Why He Turned Down AEW Offer

Kurt Angle was a guest on The Paradox Of Sports where he spoke about his current health. The WWE Hall Of Famer has dealt with major neck problems throughout his career. However, he feels he is doing pretty good overall at the moment.


"I'm hanging in there. My knees, my back, and my neck are, you know, hurting pretty badly," Angle admitted. "I have good days and bad days. But at 52 years of age, wrestling for over 40 years, I'd say I'm doing pretty good for what I've done."

Kurt Angle also talked about AEW. When asked about his thoughts on the company, he admitted that it is a good thing and Chris Jericho's involvement is a positive.

"I like the fact that they're making noise," Angles stated. "They've signed a bunch of great wrestlers; Chris Jericho is at the helm. He's an incredible athlete, one of the best that has ever done it. They have some really talented guys; they even took some guys from WWE that got released."

Kurt Angle spoke in more detail about the fact that WWE has competition. He believes that having two promotions is actually a good thing for the business.


"The good thing about it is there are two big companies going right now," Angle said. "That's good for the wrestlers, that gives them options and gives them jobs to look for. It's actually a good thing to have two companies instead of one."

Many legends have been able to work in AEW since the company launched. For example, the likes of Paul Wight and Jake Roberts have found their homes on the roster. Angle is not one of those, but he admitted that he turned the company down as he has a WWE project coming up.

"I considered it, I was offered a couple of deals. I turned them down. But I'm a WWE guy and my loyalty is there for right now. You know, I'm not signed with them in any particular way. But I do have some projects coming up that is part of WWE and I don't want to mess that up," he admitted. "So, I am going to stay loyal to WWE right now."

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